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Sunday, February 14, 2010

What about Kindergarten?

As Anne points out in her comment, I am arguing back and forth with myself, saying one moment that education cannot be flattened and at the next describing how it could be flattened. Now I'll argue again that it cannot be flattened: kindergarten. Who takes care of kindergarten? What part of that task can be sent over fiber optic cables to some other continent where costs are lower?

Oddly, however, kindergarten and first grade classes sometimes look a lot like a technologically enriched environment. Lecturing and prolonged presentation are unwelcome, while project-based education prevails. Students are often posted around the room at stations, working individually or in pairs. The stations sometimes include computer equipment, but more often they comprise different kinds of tools.

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  1. Alex I look forward to reading your blog.
    I think there is room to flatten schools in some places, but not in kindergarten. Our little ones need constant direction and correcting. They need to move around and be active learners. They can do some work on line, but need lots of smart energetic teachers working with them, real human beings who can be there to answer their many questions.
    When students get to HS or MS even, some flattening could be possible. What about one great on-line or in person lecturer for each grade in history, science or math, accompanied by small"sections," like some colleges have where students can ask their questions, noodle with the material, and make sure they know it. I do not think this would work with English or foreign language where lots of speaking and writing are required and where students need constant feedback, but I think this idea has potential with some subjects. Ham