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Monday, February 15, 2010

The K-12 Technology Scale

Almost all college freshmen have laptops; almost no kindergartners have laptops. Somewhere between entering school and entering college, a kid gets a laptop. Where should that point be?

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  1. Like all things child-related, getting a laptop should be a big deal. Also like all things child-related, it's something that the advertising machine keeps bringing forward for younger and younger kids.

    For my generation, getting your first wristwatch was a big deal. Getting one with a second hand was a big bonus. Now, they give Disney Princess digital wristwatches away with Happy Meals. Your first camera was another big deal.

    When's it appropriate to get a laptop? Pffft. When you've earned it. A graduation present. A bar mitzvah gift. Something you get for not crashing the car on the first anniversary of your junior driver's license.