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Thursday, February 4, 2010

2 1-1? or not 2 1-1?

One-to-One laptop programs. Very expensive and sometimes unsuccessful. My colleague, Cathy Hall, and I want to form an opinion very deliberately concerning how we feel about instituting a one-to-one laptop program at Episcopal. We are going to buy a large, expensive textbook that is obviously written for education schools, The Digital Pencil: One-to-One Computing for Children. Due diligence. A bit of a slog, probably. But a start. I intend to visit schools where all children have laptops and see in person what is happening. With a program that expensive, one is often given the official "Mission Accomplished" propaganda whether the program is successful or not. There is research to be read too. The question is, how will it transform teaching at our school, with our kids and our teachers? We have enough laptop carts now that we are at a ration of about one-to-two. Maybe that's fine for us. Maybe we just need to move to two-to-three. Maybe that's our number.

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